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The goal of Project Theseus is to develop the Epik Linux Distribution and an object oriented installer and bootable image creator called Epik-Builder. Epik systems are intended for large scale deployment in government, commercial and educational applications where zero cost "seats", ease of use, automated central management and dramatically reduced maintenance are required.

Epik-Builder is a tool and packaging system that can create a customized install from any distribution's release packages and use it to generate a bootable image for any desired media. Currently supported boot image types include CDR, cloop compressed CDR, Hard Disk and User Mode Linux.

 Project Status

October 30, 2003

All dynamic project pages have been transitioned to EpikWebsite. Additional content is being added and a release of this package is currently being prepared.

October 1, 2003

Epik-Builder can now generate a complete system from packages and directly boot it into a network aware User Mode Linux session!

Posted by Tom Lisjac - June 18, 2003

Epik-Builder's architecture and an initial command line prototype have been completed. Pre-release documentation can be found here. I'm currently setting up CVS for the initial release of the CLI version and the first set of EPS templates.

A Graphical User Interface is being developed using Lazarus and should be ready for beta release within two weeks.


October 1, 2003 EpikWiki Package

While working on the Lazarus-CCR, I decided to use an elegantly written package called TipiWiki by Andreas Zwinkau as a documentation system for the project. I didn't expect to make a separate project out of the wiki engine... but it ended up being a very quick, convenient and compelling way to post and maintain professional looking documentation!

I made so many additions and changes that I decided to created a derived work called EpikWiki. The project is currently in use at the Lazarus-CCR and will shortly be integrated into Project Theseus. Thanks to Andreas for the inspiring and very readable piece of code that has definitely made me in to a fan of PHP!

June 18, 2003 Epik-Browser project created

While working on a Lazarus GUI for Epik-Builder, I created a small application for browsing both installed and uninstalled RPM's. The app opens the selected package and displays descriptions, scripts, files and provides/requires information in multiple tabbed memo boxes. I ended up using this thing quite a bit and thought that other people might like it too. It beats endlessly having to type rpm -ql, rpm -qi... etc just to see what's in a package and where it's going to deposit it's files. I'm planning to post the code after I've cleaned it up a litte.

June 17, 2003 Lazarus and Free Pascal Compiler page posted

Both Epik-Builder and Epik-Browser are being developed with the Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE. Any new or migrated components that are created during the development of these two project will be posted to this page.

June 1, 2003 Pre-release documentation is now available for Epik-Builder

Some pre-release architectural and program documentation has been posted for Epik-Builder. This is just a start... I'm working on diagrams and a few additional web pages. (Epik-Builder is a tool for building customized CD, Hard Disk or UML bootable system images directly from a distribution's generic packages.)

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