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The Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE are the development tools of choice for Project Theseus. This page contains components, libraries and other information that will hopefully be useful to other Lazarus/FPC programmers.



EpikTimer is a programmer's stopwatch that was required for Project Theseus. It is capable of measuring very short events with traceably high precision over long periods of time. It's simple to use, consumes virtually no CPU and requires only 25 bytes of ram to implement a timer instance. The component provides a single internal timer... but unlimited numbers can be declared externally and linked to a single EpikTimer component on the form.

The download contains the component, an installation package and a demo application that illustrates the features of the component along with some instrumentation for evaluating the clock sources on a given system.

This component was designed for cross-platform applications and was written specifically for the Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal Compiler. Here's a README along with a screenshot of the demo application.

Status: Beta - Initial release
Issues: Needs testing... especially on Win32, FreeBSD and older machines that lack TSC hardware.
Version 0.2 Download
Change Log

 Converted Packages


This is a conversion of TurboPower Software's recently released Kylix Systools package 1.01 for the Free Pascal Compiler. All the units have been converted except the Barcode and System units. A README is available here that contains additional information. A large part of this package is probably working... but testing is needed. The inline assembler also needs a few fixes due to the use of register parameter passing in the original code.

Status: Pre-Alpha

The package has been imported to the FPC cvs and the latest version can be obtained doing the following at the bash prompt of a Linux system:
export CVSROOT
cvs login
password: (use "cvs" without the quotes)
cvs co projects/fpsystools

To build, enter the projects/fpsystools directory and type make

If you don't want to bother with cvs, here's a snapshot as of 21-6-2003. An older, pre-import package that includes the original TP release can be found here.

 Synedit Universal Highlighter

This is a translation of a Synedit Universal Highlighter by Kirill Burtsev, Vitaly Nevzorov and Flávio Etrusco. It currently supports 300 languages and has some nice features and supplementary programs. The highlighter now works with Lazarus.  The property editor has been translated but is yet untested. There is also a syntax editor to make the creation of new language files easier but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

Status: Component is Beta. Property editor is pre-alpha. Syntax editor has not been converted.

 Synedit highlighter for Bash scripts

This component is now part of the Lazarus Synedit component palette. You can download it from the Lazarus CVS repository or as a tar.gz from here.

Status: Released


Several are currently being developed but aren't ready for release yet.

 Additional Information


A lot of userful Lazarus/FPC related information and components can be found on Tony Maro's site.

Many potential libraries and components for Lazarus and FPC are available in TurboPower Software's generous Open Source release of their Delphi/Kylix product line:

TurboPower Async Professional CLX (tpaproclx)
TurboPower SysTools (tpsystools)
TurboPower Abbrevia (tpabbrevia)
TurboPower B-Tree Filer (tpbtreefiler)
TurboPower Internet Professional (tpipro)
TurboPower Orpheus (tporpheus)
TurboPower ShellShock (tpshellshock)
TurboPower Visual PlanIt (tpvplanit)
TurboPower Async Professional (tpapro)
TurboPower Essentials (tpessence)
TurboPower LockBox (tplockbox)
TurboPower OnGuard (tponguard)
TurboPower String Resource Manager (tpsrmgr)
TurboPower FlashFiler (tpflashfiler)
TurboPower SysTools for Kylix (tpsystoolskylix)
TurboPower Object Professional (tpopro)

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