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EpikBrowser is an installation package inspector. It allows the details of a given package to be viewed, including package description, pre and post installation scripts, dependencies, and file path information. It currently works with RPM format but Debian and Slackware package support is also planned. EpikBrowser is a GTK application written in Object Pascal using the Lazarus IDE.


A alpha version of EpikBrowser was about to be released when testing revealed a serious problem in the Free Pascal Compiler's FCL. Unfortunately it took months to resolve it, during which time I became involved in a few other projects. EpikBrowser is still an active project and a future release is still planned.


The screenshot shows the alpha version of EpikBrowser with the installed kernel RPM selected. It is also possible to scan and browse uninstalled packages prior to installing them. Page 7 of the tabs is a page for stress testing and cycling the process creation call in the FCL.

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