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EpikWebsite is a "Micro-CMS" system that was developed to make setting up a SourceForge project site an easy and quick process. Many existing projects lack a home page because creating them can be tedious and time consuming... time that most developers would rather spend coding!

The package consists of object oriented and extensible "wiki" framework that allows the initial site to be put up in a matter of minutes with pre-packaged templates. Project documentation can then be viewed and new content added with any browser. A strong security model supports selective, authenticated access spanning individual pages to the entire site. This allows site contributors and members of the project team to spend their time incrementally adding content to the site Knowledgebase (KB) rather then the process of web page creation. It also helps distribute the task of creating project documentation among the team and allows the project's users to also contribute their experiences.

Site content is only as good as a visitor's ability to see it, so a primary objective of EpikWebsite is to generate highly compliant html that can be viewed and edited with any browser. EpikWebsite renders on Mozilla, IE, Netscape and others... but Dillo and Lynx are the reference standards for the QA of the wiki engine.


EpikWebsite currently runs the Project Theseus and The Lazarus-CCR Project sites. The project documentation and first release is currently being prepared. Additional features have been added that have pushed the initial first release to mid or late February, 2004.

 Features and Goals

 Features in first release

  • Simple, quick setup: EpikWebsite's runtime is a single executable and configuration file.
  • Secure admin authentication in any server environment using EpikAuth.
  • Project ID's and SF logos can be inserted into all pages to conform with SF's hosting requirements.
  • Internal templates with optional css driven wiki markup makes page creation a quick and easy process.
  • Produces html pages that can be viewed and edited with lightweight browsers like Dillo and Lynx.
  • Pages can be selectively write protected for authenticated access.
  • Can "wrap" existing html pages to provide logging and access controlled remote editing with a browser.
  • User notes and comments can be appended to write protected pages.
  • For maintenance, the site can be closed to the public but fully available to the project administrator.
  • Flat file storage of knowledgebase documents. A database is not required.
  • A cache provides fast access to previously processed wiki documents.
  • Document security is based on OS file permissions.
  • Knowledgebase archives can be made and downloaded on demand.
  • Logging of all operations to monitor site errors and changes to public access documents.
  • Optional HTML document entry and editing with an integrated version of htmlArea
  • Server side administration

 Planned Features

  • Integrated CVS backup and diff
  • Demand archive and download of all KB pages in locally viewable html format. (almost done)
  • Spell checking
  • Heuristic change notification
  • Full client side administration. (almost done)


Author: Tom Lisjac <>
Started: September, 2003
Version: 0.95 Alpha (under test for first release)
License: GPL (Wiki engine, EpikAuth and other components are LGPL)


While working on the website for the Lazarus-CCR, I decided to use an elegantly written package called TipiWiki by Andreas Zwinkau as a documentation system for the project. I didn't expect to make a separate project out of it... but using the wiki approach ended up being a very quick, convenient and compelling way to post and maintain professional looking documentation!

I ended up making a lot of additions and changes. Since Andreas wanted to keep TipiWiki compatible with earlier versions, I decided to created a derived work. It was initially called EpikWiki... but eventually so much functionality was added that EpikWebsite seems like a more appropriate title. The project is currently in use at the Lazarus-CCR and will eventually deliver all the Project Theseus web content.

Thanks to Andreas for encouraging me to create EpikWiki and for writing the original and very readable piece of code that has definitely made me into a PHP fan!

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