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 Site Etiquette

Please feel free to make changes, corrections or additions to the wiki. If you do make a correction or add content, please make a note in the SiteUpdateLog of the pages that you created or changed. The format should be something like:
The last item could be an email address, IM screen name, link to a site or a wikiword for your own page in this wiki. A wiki linked page is useful if you make a lot of changes because it can be typed in quickly. For example VlxAdmin is a simple handle to a page that provides several methods of contact. It's also much quicker to enter on a page then a full name, email address or url.

If you create a personal wiki page and post your email address, do something like this: yourid at to prevent a spam harvester from picking it up.

If a heading doesn't exist in the SiteUpdateLog for the page you created or changed, please edit the log and create it.

 Navigating and changing the wiki

The wiki markup is simple to use and can produce attractive web page without writing any html.

To edit a wiki page, click the edit link in the upper left corner of the page. An edit text box will come up in your browser with the ascii page content in it. Make your changes and click the save button. A brief summary of the wiki markup is listed below the edit box. You can also hit "Help" at any time which will open a help screen in a new browser window. That's all there is to it!

A few fixed informational pages (like this one) are labeled "Admin" and require a password to be edited and changed.

To create a new wiki page, you'll have to first make a WikiWord link for it. The process is:
Simple (and optional) text formatting commands are listed at the bottom of the edit page. Please try out these commands in the SandBox if you'd like to practice before changing any project pages.

  Wiki related help topics

WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
WikiStyle - usage and user documentation
SandBox - for playing around and numerous examples

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