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Revision History

Started: 2002-10-10
Beta release: 2002-11-03 (Initial review release)
Beta release: 2002-11-05 (Review release Enterprise Integration Soft Fail-over procedures are under construction)
Beta release: 2002-11-08 (DHCP load balancing explained. Wine integration procedure started)


This document describes an architecture and configuration techniques for creating an Embedded Terminal Server (ETS) that provides:
  1. Load balancing and fail-over capabilities for new and existing LTSP installations.
  2. Samba file and printer sharing in addition to Domain Authentication.
  3. Enterpise Integration
for legacy Windows applications (using Wine) and Linux natives such as Evolution, Mozilla and OpenOffice.
  4. openMosix for computationally intensive and supercomputing applications.
  5. An easy to configure firewall for monitoring and managing network traffic on all ETS interfaces.
  6. A Disaster Recovery Procedure in the event of catastrophic single server hardware failures.
  7. A Soft Fail-over Procedure that allows individual servers to be removed from service for normal maintenance.
  8. A remotely accessible, comprehensive and secure administration system that minimizes the need for command line configuration.
  9. A process that lends itself to automation and the rapid deployment of additional systems
, once the initial ETS is configured.
10. A prototype and template for a highly integrated, CD bootable distribution that is compliant with the Tools Architecture.

Other then the addition of a second server, the method described achieves these results without adding significant cost or runtime complexity to an existing LTSP system. The implementation provides the architectural features of both a computational and high availability cluster and would be suitable for small home/office, educational, institutional and enterprise applications where low cost, good reliability high performance are required.

Table of Contents: Embedded Terminal Server How-To

  1. Summary
  2. Overview
    1. Goals - Why Do This?
    2. Technical Overview
  3. Configuration Instructions
    1. Short Description
    2. Creating an Optional Backup
    3. Creating the Dual Servers
      1. Pre-configuring the Primary (base) System
      2. Duplicating the Primary and building the Secondary
      3. Configuring the Primary
      4. Configuring Secondary
      5. System Integration and Test
  4. Supplemental ETS Information
    1. Troubleshooting
    2. Optimization
      1. Hardware
      2. DHCP Load Balancing
      3. openMosix
    3. Backup and Disaster Recovery
    4. Security Considerations
      1. Physical
      2. System
    5. Firewall Issues
    6. Enterprise Integration
      1. Domain Authentication
      2. Browser
      3. Printer and File sharing
      4. Email
      5. Word Processing<->
      6. Wine integration
    7. Self Test Procedure<->
    8. Installing openMosix
    9. Fail-over Procedures<->
    10. Duplicating the ETS System
    11. System Administration
  5. Related Projects and References
  6. Trademarks, Copyrights & Credits
    1. Author Copyright
    2. Other Trademarks and Copyrights
    3. Thank You!
<-> = Under Development

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