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Supplemental Information

Appendix K - Related Projects and References

LTSP - The Linux Terminal Server Project.
openMosix - Outstanding and easy to implement computational clustering technology.
openMosixView - An excellent visual management tool for openMosix clusters.
Samba - The Linux window to Windows.
ISC DHCP Home - Source for DHCP releases.
The Shorewall Firewall - This is an excellent "high level" firewall that takes the work out of IPTables.
Project Theseus - New project focused on integrating, packaging and the volume deployment of embeddable Linux technologies.
NetStation - Another approach to building thin client, diskless workstations.
K-12Linux Project - Provides a packaged LTSP distribution for schools and some excellent support documentation.

Appendix L - Copyright and terms of usage

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Appendix M - Trademarks, Copyrights & Credits

  • Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds
  • openMosix is Copyright (c) 2002 by Moshe Bar.
  • RedHat Linux is a registered trademark of Red Hat
  • Mandrake Linux is a registered trademark of Mandrake
  • Debian Linux is a registered trademark of Debian
  • Ximian Evolution is the trademark of Ximian Inc.

Appendix N - Thanks to:

Hans Ekbrand for many excellent suggestions.
The talented and tireless folks that have given us:
Gnu/Linux, LTSP, Mozilla, Samba, Evolution, Webmin, openMosix and openMosixView!
Sun Microsystems for the gift of OpenOffice 1.0.1 that was used to initially create this document.
A major resource for Free Software developers: SourceForge!

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