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A precision, multi-purpose Stopwatch and Timer


EpikStopwatch is a precision, multi-purpose Stopwatch, Chess clock, Alarm clock and Wall clock that provides large display options for sporting events and the visually impared. It derives it's long term precision from the EpikTimer (V 0.5) component which is capable of correlating a selected local timebase with an NTP source.

EpikStopwatch is a lightweight, self contained application written in Object Pascal using the Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE. It will fit on a 1.4 mb floppy and only requires GTK 1.2 and a Linux kernel with elf support to install and run.


EpikStopwatch is in a pre-alpha state. The chess clock, differential stopwatch array and large display components are fully operational. The alarm and wall clock are not fully implemented yet but the only obstacle to completing them is available time.

An alpha release is planned as soon as I can finish some outstanding projects (1,2) that I'm currently working on.


A large (200K) xinerama mode screenshot is available to illustrate the size of the display components. The wall clock can currently scale to full screen. The other two are capable of scaling but currently limited by the form layout I initially did.

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